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Flexa 8.6.5 She Dives, Flexa 5.4.3 She Dives

A wetsuit with unbeatable comfort

Made entirely of ultrastretch neoprenePre-shaped and custom cut to fit the female body BPS, an additional layer of neoprene on the back for maximum protection

The Flexa suits are the result of an effort meant to obtain the widest variety of combination of steamer, shorty, and vest with only 5 items. The steamers are available in three thickness families: for cold water the 8.6.5, for temperate water the 5.4.3, for warm water the 3.2.2. Exclusive Back Protection System, an additional layer of neoprene on the inside of the rear panel of the suit. Two advantages result from this: a higher thermal insulation (total thickness in the area is 10mm) and a cushioning effect in the area where the tank rests against the diver’s back for more comfort and support.

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Product Features

  • Back Protection System
        Ergonomically shaped neoprene cushion between back and tank support for improved wearing comfort and extra warmth in a zone which is usually cold sensitive.
  • Thermo Plush
        Extremely soft internal layer in the chest area to keep the upper part of the body warm. Thermo plush is durable and dries fast.


    Trilastic is our distinctive marking, the symbol of Mares know-how in terms of Neoprene. At the start, Trilastic was identified with the idea of developing a dive suit with Neoprene sheets of different thicknesses. The greatest thickness is positioned at the core chest area and back, gradually thinning out on the arms and legs down to the wrists and ankles, where the material used is not just thinner but also more elastic, to improve seal and, of course, facilitate putting the suit on and taking it off. Today, Trilastic has greater meaning. It is a world of materials, linings, finishes, zippers, and technical details that all aim to create the ideal suit for every need and every type of dive. Trilastic means mating the most suitable type of material to each section of the body for that particular type of dive.


BPS The back Protection System takes inspiration from our BC knowledge. We thought to add a wide additional neoprene layer in the lumbar region. Benefits are multiple, especially adding extra warmth in a zone that is usually sensitive to cold. Extra protection for better comfort when diving and also less empty spaces for disturbing water pockets. This system is applied on all Mares Flexa diving suits.

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