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Beyond innovation

• Foldable backpack
• Ultra low profile exhaust valves
• Unprecedented fit and trim

Hybrid represents the apex of Mares BCD product development. Thanks to eatures such as complete uncoupling of harness and aircell, seamless shoulder straps and special padding around the wings of the back pack, we have reached unparalleled maximization of comfort, fit, stability and lift. Soft yet durable materials and overall light weight. Trim weight pouches integrated in the back pack and the MRS plus weight integration system. Adding exclusive styling and special cut it’s perfect for female anatomy as well.

Product Details

Code: 417345
Sizes: [XS/S] - [M/L] - [XL]
Material: Cordura 420
Rings: Alluminium (7)
Weight: 3.8Kg
Lift: 140N(XS-S); 190N(M-L); 220N(XL)
Mrs small: 417955
Mrs large: 417954

Product Features

  • Ergo Inflator
        The standard inflation and deflation control device used in PADI (etc.) training programs. Intuitive use and secure grip.
  • Foldable Backpack
        Ideal for travelling thanks to its reduced dimensions when packed and its marked weight reduction compared to a traditional backpack. Integrated rubber pads provide secure grip of the tank and carrying comfort.
  • Fusion Bladder
        Combines features of backmounted and classic bladder. High lift capacity, unrestricted movement and a comfortable position on the surface characterize this type of bladder.
  • Suspension System
        Inspired by the design of modern hiking backpacks, the system avoids direct contact between body and tank support.

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