Need some equipment for an upcoming scuba dive or dive trip? We believe that even if you don't own all of your own diving equipment, you should be able to rent good quality, high performance scuba gear. Our dive rental gear is always being upgraded and most of it is less than a year old!

We have everything you will need for diving . Our rental gear is always kept in top working order, cleaned and sanitized. And don't worry, we have plenty for everyone, ranging in sizes up to 4XL.We don't rent; Mask, Snorkel, Boots and Fins.

Rental Policies

  • Credit Card And Driver's License required.
  • Certification Card required for scuba rentals (One set per card).
  • No refunds for gear which is not used or is returned early.
  • Late fee for student package $75.00 + Additional $10 per day
  • Late fee for diver package $85.00 + Additional $10 per day



Rental Price List per Weekend
Equipment Package for Students
Equipment Package for Diver $100.00
Equipment for pool in OW $45.00
Equipment for "Open Pool" $15.00
Weights & Belt per Lbs
Regulator & Gauges $30.00 
BCD $30.00 
Full Wetsuit $30.00 
Aluminum Tanks - 100's $20.00 
Nitrox Tank + Fill
Camera $50.00 
Dive Computer
Tank for weekend  $20.00 
Tank for a day